Emergency Exit Door Screen
      by breezy screen

 Emergency Exit Door Screen
 BY Breezy Screen 

Our Emergency Exit Door Screen is Patent Pending.

A client of ours requested a screen for their Emergency Exit Doors to allow fresh air into their warehouse . The problem was the closer bar at the top of door would interfere with screen and simply would not work with out damaging screen. We designed a pouch  which is sewn  on screen  allowing the closer bar to move in and out freely without damaging screen and keeping insects and debris outdoors where they belong.

Patent application # 29/531,555

Used in Warehouses, Factories, Restaurants, Pizza parlors and many more businesses

We manufacture screens for any size opening 

Super screen is used for all of our Emergency Exit Screens

A zipper on one side allows you to open and close Emergency Exit Door without taking down screen
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